Abid Presented INTERIORS 2015, Milan Mela Grounds

ABID an association formed by architects, builders and interior designers hosted innumerable premium workshops and trade exhibitions in the past to promote the concept of ‘perfect living’. This year also, Kolkata witnessed another national fair that provided a substantial platform to budding companies and also the stalwarts, leading in the field of interior designing and decoration.

Each time around, ABID has come up with unique ideas to promote perfection to people’s lifestyles and this time is no different. Abid always strives to provide supremely graceful and high-quality interior services. The brand is now going to host a national fair in the Milan Mela ground and thereby provide a platform to nascent companies as well as stalwarts.

It is through these endeavours that Abid aims to open a new door in the field of interior designing and decoration and this will give architects, builders and interior designers a forum to showcase their talents. During the fair, various kinds of home decorations will be showcased keeping in mind that they can be easily incorporated into both modern and ethnic lifestyles. This is how they want to create public awareness about ideal living. Abid Interiors Epitomizes Ideal Living: Abid interiors promotes ideal living through the medium of home decor. It epitomizes the value of interior designing in improving the quality of lifestyle. Abid promotes its ideas through seminars, workshops and exhibitions and creates public awareness on the importance of ideal living. It strives to create merchandise that suits both modern and traditional lifestyles. In this way, it strives to create products that are suitable for both contemporary and traditional lifestyles. The brand stresses on the importance of quality and class, both of which are required to satisfy niche customers with aesthetic tastes. It is through these efforts that the brand aims to set a new trend in luxurious products that will stay for a long time.

The Brand Successfully Boasts of Class with High Quality: The brand is committed towards creating products of class and high quality. It achieves this by focusing on exclusivity and elegance which is its USP. While achieving this end, keeping the charm intact is essential for Abid. They have organised a fair in Milan Mela where they offer interiors which are suitable for today’s lifestyles. Abid has been very successful in providing functional ideas about every aspect of living. It is focused on quality control and never compromises on this parameter. Abid’s merchandise lives up to international standards and boasts of high class and quality. This ensures its popularity among the public and makes it highly successful for providing niche products. It has been creating public awareness among the people by organizing such seminars, workshops and exhibitions..