Celebrating Interiors With ABID World Interiors Day 2016

Kolkata, 10th March’16: Association of In the last many years, the concept of great interiors has slow and steadily gained ground in the minds of the Indian populace. Earlier people used to put hardly any emphasis building a house that is strong as well as beautiful. The trend has changed drastically now that be it the rich or the not so rich, everyone is desirous of building a home that has the best of interiors. Keeping in mind the trends currently in vogue, ABID celebrated 'World Interiors Day' on 2nd and 3rd July at four of the most happening malls is Kolkata, Mani Square, Acropolis Mall, Quest Mall and Homeland Mall.

The Creative Team Of Innovators

The main purpose of the event by Association of Architects, Builders, Interior Decorators And Allied Business or ABID was to emphasis on the concept of design and architecture in the country. The event had seen active engagement of enthusiastic designers, architects and also the general public who were give a chance to explore their creativity. The theme chosen for the event was “Interiors Innovation” and it was also an opportunity where the cooperation between professionals from the different fields of work came to the limelight. On top of that, there was increased focus on making the public aware of what interior and architecture is all about. The design and creative team for the occasion was Archit Saraogi, Sk. Md Sabir, Md. Wasim, Sunanda Goenka, Srijit Ghosh, Vandana Rajgarhia, Shreyashi Roy, Pina Sheth, Rashmi Bajoria, Mukesh Agarwal, Ritu Duggal and Pravir Agarwal. The concept was by Arunika Sarkar.

Appreciation For The Installations

Both Quest Mall and Acropolis Mall had installations at entrance lobby and while the Acropolis installation was titled "Rhythm", at Quest Mall the installation was named "Hulk". Both the malls loved the installations and they wanted to retain the installations. Keeping in mind the popularity and the request, they are back at the place they were. The celebrity quotient at 'World Interiors Day' was in no way less and there was actress Koneenica Banerjee and model Tina Mukherjee to add that glamour to the event. Other than that, there was designer Agnimitra Paul who took keen interest in the events of 'World Interiors Day' and visited all the stalls while being surprised by the imagination and creativity of the upcoming interior designers.

Introducing The Concept Creator

The brain behind the concept, Arunika Sarkar is an avid follower of art. It was during her time working for Arts Acre Foundation at Kolkata that she had the brainwave of exhibiting sculptures in the field of furniture and that also with innovation. It was Mr.Kamlesh Agarwal, the President of ABID, who gladly accepted the ideas put forward by Arunika and the end result was a stunning exhibition to celebrate 'World Interiors Day'. What stood out was the innovative and creative designs that can easily elevate the look of a standard home to something extraordinary. This was the first time that 'World Interiors Day' was celebrated in India and happily it was such a grand success that making it an annual affair is not a distant idea.