President’s Desk

ABID, a pioneer organization in home and interior designing industry, has been a trendsetter in terms of various aspects exploring new opportunities to exchange ideas and information to create awareness amongst public regarding human habitat and way of living.

Given the choice of making the world an aesthetically beautiful place, ABID hosts numerous seminars and workshops aimed to educate service providers and consumers through a common interactive platform. Some of the major instances of such conferences in the past that is worth mentioning are the oneswith Anchor at Taj, another at Haffle Design Centre and an upcoming one on Green Design Interiors to be held in January 2016 not to mention the annual exhibitions that are held year after year with much aplomb.

Apart from the evident interest in the field of home interior decorating, sustainable design concepts etc, ABID also fairly contributes to social needs. Recently the members of ABID vouched to revamp a worn out Juvenile home in Kamarkundu near Kolkata. ABID Proposes to help the organization renovate interiors of kitchen and bathroom space and make the place more habitable for the boys. Numerous such CSR activities are conducted and will be conducted by ABID on a regular basis.

To expose its members to the latest trends in the homedecoration industry across the globe , ABID organizes trips to national and international exhibitions for the members. These visits have benefitted the members in their profession of designing modern habitats and work places.

As the President of ABID my vision is to develop a strong organizational framework for various skill developments programs and putting in place a strong networking system for the overall growth of the industry.